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From Dayle N via Yelp 10/22/15 - 5 stars

My friend and l decided to give Cafe Vincero a try, as we are still trying to find an Italian restaurant in Tacoma that we can love as much as the old 6th Ave favorite, Lorenzo's. Well, this place just might do it for us. We went on a Thursday evening, and there was no wait for a table. Our server, Bruce, was friendly, with an excellent sense of humor, but more importantly, an excellent sense of how to make our experience memorable. I ordered canelloni with mushroom sauce, my friend ordered it with marinara sauce. When we emphasized that we hoped it was cheesy, Bruce came back to us after consulting with the chef and asked, "how much cheese do you want him to put on it?"  Well, that got our attention. We enjoyed fresh baked rustic herb bread and generous glasses of wine while awaiting our canelloni. When dinner was set in front of us, l could tell just from the heavenly aroma that it was going to be delicious. Our server said we should feel free to make enthusiastic yummy sounds if we felt so inclined. On my first melt-in-your-mouth bite, l involuntarily moaned softly. On the second bite, l shouted, "OH YEAH!!!" This seemed to please the staff and the kitchen. I savored every crazy-good bite of that dish. And l soaked up every last drop of mushroom sauce with that great bread. I basically sent a clean dish back to the kitchen when l was finished (although l am sure they washed it anyway). My friend was equally smitten with her marinara sauce. It must also be mentioned that Cafe Vincero, quite wisely, does not blare music, but allows the space to be filled naturally with the sounds of conversation and kitchen activity. It's quite nice to be able to talk at normal volume, and not have to rely on reading your dinner partner's lips, or scawl notes to each other on napkins. Everything was so perfect up to this point, we decided to go all the way and have dessert. My tiramisu was enough for two people (everyone should have such a problem), and was garnished with three chocolate covered espresso beans. Very nice. My friend ordered Chocolate Sin, which lived up to its name. Dense, dark chocolate cake that was practically the same texture as a truffle,  glazed with more dark chocolate, and topped with a strawberry. She ordered coffee to go with it, which was dark and delicious (it was no charge, which is kind of rare these days). The canelloni was a bargain at $13.99. At that price, l am tempted to go have it once a week. After settling up, Bruce walked us to the entrance and held the door open for us, and took a moment to chat with us out on the sidewalk. It felt like we were leaving a friend's house after a wonderful meal.  Cafe Vincero is a delightful new restaurant, which seems to still be under the radar and works hard to make your experience there memorable.


From Julia C via Yelp 8/24/2015 - 5 stars

Stopped by Tacoma en route to Mt Rainier, and we are so glad we found Cafe Vincero! We came on a Monday night around 8pm, and there were only a few couples (no families, since by regulation everyone who enters must be 21+), so we were seated immediately, whereas another place down the street was fully booked for the night (and pricier to boot!).

The waitress explained that since it was Monday and their meat delivery comes on Tuesday mornings, they were missing dishes with meat sauce. At first we were pretty disappointed not to be able to order lasagna, but instead we got the ravioli with mushroom and Marsala sauce, chicken Marsala over a risotto and the sausage over polenta and spinach. All were delicious! We also got a house salad to start which was very fresh. The bread that came first was also great. Prices for the dishes are around $10-15, so very reasonable for the quality and quantity. We were so pleased with the quality that we ordered a dessert even though we were pretty full after our salad, dishes, and loads of bread. But this was a good call because the cheesecake with the sautéed berries in wine sauce was incredible!

Would highly recommend to those seeking Italian dishes with very fresh ingredients and who aren't dining with those under 21.

From Andrew S on 5/10/2015 via Yelp - 5 stars

I must say we were very impressed from the moment we walked in the door.  We did not have reservations and we visited Café Vencero during prime time dinner hour on a Saturday night.  The hostess informed us that even though we did not have a reservation, she would seat us within 15 minutes.  She kindly showed us a place we could sit and wait and that she would bring us a beverage of our liking while we waited for our table.  There was a table open when we arrived but she did say that the table was for a reservation.  Within a few minutes, she said that the reservation did not show or call and that she was going to give us their table.  After being seated, we immediately received menus and water.  The selections looked amazing and the tough part was deciding on what to have.  After we placed our order, fresh hot bread arrived.  It was so good, we had to stop eating in order to save room for the main course.  The food arrived and it was a definite 5 star. Amazing!!  Huge portions and perfectly cooked.  Every table was full but yet the wait staff visited us it seemed like very few minutes filling our water and bringing more bread.  We will most certainly be going back again and again.  This place gets it!!!

From Ian F on 10/8/2015 via Tripadvisor - 5 stars

“A taste of Italy in downtown Tacoma”

Wow, just wow is what I would say.
The quality of restaurants in tacoma is pretty limited but then I find this place.
Dont be deceived by its humble and yet extremely pleasant surroundings.
The food is sensational and OMG soon affordable.
The portions are more than ample and don't be surprised if you need a box for the balance.
The cocktail list and wines are great.
I had the chicken and asparagus and it simply melted in my mouth.
It was more inhailed than eaten.
The words yummy immediately comes to mind
It was so great that I have been back 3 weekends in a row.
Don't miss out on this awesome find.
Me being from Australia we don't like as much fried food and heavily sauced food like the locals but this was just fantastic, so moist and full of flavour.
A definite must in my books

From Wanda C via TripAdvisor on 9/24/2014 - 5 stars

“Exquisite Italian without the high end prices!”

Great setting in downtown Tacoma and service was first rate. The prices are reasonable and nice sized portions. My daughter loves their portobello mushroom ravioli and my husband thought the lasagna was delicious because it had so much cheese and zesty sausage. We will be back!